Melbec Microbiology offer a range of services in support of microbiology for healthcare settings.

We are experienced in the assessment and evaluation of wound care technologies such as antimicrobial wound dressings and smart dressings in line with such standardised methods as AATCC 100, BS EN 16756 (currently a draft method) and also using personalised testing protocols.

One area of Melbec’s testing portfolio has seen increased demand in the UK marketplace in recent months – the evaluation of bactericidal and yeasticidal activity on wipes. The publication of BS EN 16615 in 2015 was the first recognised method for the assessment of disinfectants on wipes in a standardised manner. It is probable that this test method will become the norm for effective evaluation of this type of product, perhaps even a mandatory requirement.

Furthermore, our services extend to cover medical device evaluations. Recent examples of work include transport swabs and specialised transport devices (e.g. urine culture containers) under the remit of M40-A Quality Control of Microbiological Transport Systems.

Our healthcare and medical microbiology activities are supported by Professor Val Edwards-Jones. As Emeritus Professor of Manchester Metropolitan University, Val has had a long and distinguished career, specialising in wound care, antimicrobial therapies, antimicrobial resistance, antiseptics, biofilm models, toxic shock syndrome and essential oils. Val has an unwavering enthusiasm for all things microbiological and has had a number of television appearances, including on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies.