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  • We are really impressed with Melbec and your most-excellent client feedback. We do not wish to waste money but for us this is a massive learning process only validated after seeing your test reports to then decide what next needs actioning.

    Regulatory and Compliance Consultants

  • We have been really impressed with your communication concerning all the issues we have had recently, it really helps with the planning from our side, so thank you.

    Biocidal Product Manufacturer

  • Thank you so much. And as always, I find sessions with Melbec extremely helpful.

    Personal Care Product Manufacturer

  • We started using Melbec after experiencing many delays with other companies and we couldn’t be happier with the service they provide. All the staff are very friendly and helpful and always exceed our expectations. All test results have been back on time as advised which helps maintain good relationships with our own customers.

    UK Private Label Oral Care Manufacturer

  • Thanks to your team for all their hard work to ensure accurate and validated results.

    Personal Care Manufacturer

  • I would like to say massive thank you for all Melbec team. Thank you for support, patience, and kindness.

    Cosmetics and Personal Care Manufacturer

  • I would like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to you, and all those involved from your team, for getting the validation study underway. We really do appreciate all your support and patience during the last few months. We’re looking forward to catching up with in the new year.

    Personal Care Product Manufacturer

  • You still have that small company ethic and familiarity with us as a customer. It's easy to work with you.

    Chemical Manufacturing Company

  • Since starting to work directly with Melbec, I have been impressed with the commitment and service provided. Nothing has been too much, and I have been made to feel that my samples are high priority.

    Hygiene Product Manufacturer

  • Excellent service, always runs smoothly. The addition of vegan testing has been particularly welcomed by our clients.

    Personal Care Manufacturer

  • Always a pleasure to deal. Very helpful

    Beauty Product Manufacturer

  • Melbec are always a pleasure to work with. I always receive very quick responses on technical information, testing requests and testing updates. One of the best customer service from a test lab that I have ever dealt with and everyone I have dealt with has always been very accommodating and knowledgeable. Look forward to working with you in future.

    Cleaning Product Supplier

  • We are very happy with the service provided by Melbec and it was great to meet you in person when you came to visit us recently. I wish we could send more of the work we need your way, because the service you offer is definitely better than the other labs we work with!

    Regulatory and Compliance Consultants

  • Excellent customer service, prompt replies. No improvement needed.

    Cosmetic Manufacturing Company

  • The team is very helpful and I have had some good calls with them and some more to refer back to it with questions.

    Hygiene Products Manufacturing Company

  • A really helpful company to do business with, excellent service, look forward to working with you next year.

    Textile Manufacturer

  • I only started using Melbec this year and have found all the staff to be friendly, professional and above all, patient with my sometimes silly questions. If I had more suppliers like Melbec I'd be a very happy man. Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

    Beauty Product Manufacturer

  • Brilliant team , with great leadership. Always happy to help. Always responsive to queries, fantastic knowledge of the services provided. Always accommodate any urgent testing required. Massive thank you to all at Melbec for your hard work and support.

    Personal Care Product Manufacturer

  • Keep up the good work, thanks.

    Hygiene Product Manufacturer

  • In our opinion, the current service and lead times for testing work really well for us, and we are delighted with the current service as a business. No matter what would our request is either a visit to Melbec for training purposes, an urgent mid-testing update, or a quick call to discuss results, it never has been an issue.

    Cosmetic Manufacturing Company

  • Great service!!

    Chemical Manufacturer

  • Service is always delivered on time in a friendly manner. I always feel comfortable approaching with questions regarding testing. They are now are go to lab for our testing.

    Infection Prevention Control Product Manufacturer

  • Brilliant company. Perfect to deal with.

    Cosmetic Ingredient Manufacturer

  • Great service!

    Cosmetic Manufacturing Company

  • Melbec have gone above and beyond to support our business needs.

    Skincare Product Manufacturer

  • We are very happy with your service. Melbec has always been very helpful with our queries.

    Personal Care Product Manufacturer

  • I find the service you provide very well arranged.

    Beauty Contract Manufacturer

  • We wanted to thank you personally ever so much for all of the support you have given us, your experience, guidance and support has been very much appreciated. Your communication is always so prompt, and dedicated willingness to help us has not gone a miss.

    Beauty Product Manufacturer

  • It has been a pleasure working with your team. Let's hope for many more years! Merry Christmas!

    Personal Care Manufacturer

  • We value Melbec's technical expertise and support highly; particularly with investigations of out of specification results with our (challenging) product.

    Supplement Manufacturer

  • Thank you very much for the fast testing of the sample, I greatly appreciate all Melbec’s help.

    Surfactant Manufacturer

  • Thank you so much for such a quick turnaround.

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

  • I want to thank you for being so great with explaining everything to me and making the process pain free! Very happy!

    Personal Care Product Manufacturer

  • Melbec has always been a pleasure to work with so it is an easy choice!

    Cleaning Product Manufacturer

  • Many thanks for generating these reports so quickly. I shared the results early this morning with the Australian team, who were amazed by the rapid turnaround in testing.

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

  • The best way Melbec could help is to continue the fine service you provide.

    Natural Health Company

  • We are a company that are relatively new to microbiology and the testing of biocides. Fortunately, Melbec microbiology have been patient, helpful, supportive and willing to help with educating our team and facilitating the development of our product strategy which has proved invaluable. Furthermore, when we engage with potential customers and other professional organisations in this field the fact that Melbec have done our tests carries great weight and engenders confidence. Finally, and perhaps most importantly the Melbec team are responsive, helpful and just great to work with

    Medical Equipment Manufacturer

  • Melbec have been an excellent partner on our journey from brand owner to third party manufacturer, ensuring we create products tested to the highest standards. Thank you for your continuous support

    Cosmetic Contract Manufacturer

  • A really helpful team. A very professional and competitively priced service which comes highly recommended

    Healthcare Product Manufacturer

  • Melbec provide a great all round microbiological service and have a very knowledgeable team. We always receive micro results and answers to queries promptly

    Plant-based Personal Care Product Manufacturer

  • Melbec offers a really great microbiology laboratory service, it’s an efficient lab with sensible turn round times. Since Dawn started the business, I have used their services for both routine Quality Control and R&D projects. We regard them as an extension of our own laboratory team, they are always ready to talk through problems rather than giving a simple pass/fail result.

    Cleaning Products Manufacturer

  • Our experience with Melbec is very positive - they are a very professional test house, that offer fair advice and take the time to talk through results. Their high standard service was especially valuable to us during the pandemic, where Melbec helped guide us through the biocide and cosmetic microbial test requirements for hand hygiene products, fast-tracking the testing and explaining what these results mean. This helped us get our product to market fast. In our experience Melbec are a very approachable team and always happy to help.

    Beauty Product Manufacturer

  • We are extremely happy with Melbec and our continued working relationship. In fact I would say that without doubt that Melbec are by far the best test house and people we have ever worked with.

    Personal Healthcare Product Manufacturer

  • Melbec Microbiology in two words – Professionalism and Excellence. That combined with a friendly, highly efficient and personalised service means you always get more than just a test.

    Infection Control Manufacturer

  • Throughout the years that we have been using Melbec, we have received an exemplary service with excellent communications and support from all members of staff. It has been our experience for test results to be issued in a professional and timely fashion on all the types of tests that we use. They have been, and will remain, our primary choice for much of our testing

    Manufacturer of Hair and Beauty Products

  • All the team at Melbec have supported us with excellent professional service. Quick response times and clear communication is exactly what we need from our partners!

    Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer

  • Melbec always provide an excellent service. They have good in-depth microbiological knowledge and offer helpful advice. Results and reports are always on time and queries are dealt with in a professional friendly manner. You are all Stars!

    Healthcare Products Manufacturer

  • Melbec Microbiology are a great company to work with. The staff and friendly and very helpful. All queries are dealt with in a timely manner and results are always delivered on time. I would highly recommend Melbec’s services

    Cosmetics Manufacturer

  • Melbec’s friendly and honest approach makes it feel like they are a department of our own business!

    Antibacterial Wipes Manufacturer

  • We have had an excellent working relationship with Melbec for a number of years. They provide a complete service to support our manufacture of cosmetic, detergent and biocidal products. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services and expertise.

    Manufacturer of Beauty Products

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