BS EN 14675:2015

BS EN 14675:2015 (Phase 2 step 1)
General/surface disinfection
Mandatory test Organisms
Bovine enterovirus
Test Temperature
Contact time
30 minutes
Low- or high-level soiling depending on manufacturers usage instructions
Log reduction required to receive a pass
>4 Log

The EN 14675 is the phase 2 step 2 test for the veterinary market and is usually used for any product used specifically around animals.  Although the testing is similar to the EN 14476 the lower temperature required can make it harder to achieve if you have a heat sensitive active and this should be considered before going ahead.  The phase 2 step 2 test for the veterinary market would be the EN 17122.  Usually you would carry out the EN 14675 before moving onto the EN 17122 as it is usually considered harder to pass.

The EN 14476 is a suspension test which means it is carried out in a suspension of test organism, interfering substance and test product.  The interfering substance and the organism make up 20% of this mix so even ready to use product are diluted to 80% during the testing.  If the product is prediluted before the testing starts, we increase the percentage of product by 1.25 to account for the 80% dilution.

Unlike other virology standards in the EN 14675 there is only one mandatory organism and no other choices.

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