EN 17430:2024

EN 17430:2024
Test Conditions
Test Virus
Virucidal activity(a)
Murine norovirus

Limited spectrum virucidal activity(b)
Murine norovirus
Test Temperature
21.5oC ± 3.5oC
Contact Time
According to manufacturer’s recommendations, but between 30 – 60s
Additional Conditions
Further contact time(s)
Additional Information
(a)To claim virucidal activity the product shall pass standards EN 14476 with Poliovirus, Adenovirus and Murine Norovirus.

(b)To claim limited spectrum virucidal activity the product shall pass standards EN 14476 with Adenovirus and Murine Norovirus.

BS EN 17430:2024 Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Hygienic handrub virucidal – Test methods and requirements (Phase 2, Step 2)

EN 17430:2024 is a surface test for establishing whether a product for hygienic handrub reduces the release of virus contamination on hands when rubbed onto the artificially contaminated hands of volunteers.

This test is similar to EN 1499 or EN 1500, but instead uses a virus to assess the efficacy of products. The principle of the test is to artificially contaminate hands of volunteers with test organisms. The number of test organisms released from their fingertips into sampling fluids is assessed before and after the hygienic handrub, and the ratio of the 2 resulting values (virus titre) represents a measure for the virucidal activity of the product tested. The results are also compared to a reference handrub which is used to compensate for extraneous influences. This testing is completed on the same volunteers, on the same day, and under comparable conditions. The number of volunteers used should be between 18-22 volunteers to ensure that precision of testing is achieved.

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