World Environment Day 2024!

From purchasing some land in the rainforests and donating it to a conservation charity, to switching to 100% renewable energy, we are proud of the efforts we’ve made over the last few years to reduce our impact on the environment.

Following our success last year at the Lancashire Sustainability awards in which Grace Mellors, our Operations Manager, won the ‘Green Champion’ award and Melbec won the ‘Energy Efficiency’ award, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our waste.

These are some of the measures we’ve taken to be a more sustainable lab:

  • Recycling and reusing our 30ml glass bottles – saving in transport emissions and waste costs.
  • The manufacture of our own neutraliser in 9ml and 450ml bottles, meaning a huge reduction in C02 emissions caused by deliveries, reduction of plastic waste and increased opportunity to recycle and reuse.
  • In-house sustainability class to examine how we can switch from plastics to recyclable materials in our daily work.
  • Installation of light sensors to reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Monitoring and assessing our labs to understand how we can reduce our energy consumption.
  • Switching company cars from diesel to electric for more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation.
  • Switching from hand roll to reusable microfibre cloths meaning a massive reduction of transportation emissions and plastic waste alongside a significant saving in paper waste.
  • Switching to recycled toilet rolls.

On this World Environment Day, it’s important to think about ways in which we can all participate in the protection of the earth’s natural resources.

We will continue to consider our planet in everything we do here at Melbec.

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