Charity and environmental support

Here at Melbec we strongly believe in helping the world around us and giving back. Ever since Melbec’s creation in 2013, we have donated to charities the best we can, every single year.

One of our latest donations has been helping conservation work in the rainforest. To do this we purchased a few acres of land in the Amazon and donated it to a conservation charity. They will now protect not only the trees but the animals that live there as well and the area can never be deforested. In the future we would like to carry on adding to our little rainforest and conserve as many trees and wildlife as possible. Currently our rainforest is absorbing around 10 tonnes (10000KG) of CO2 a year.

Encouraged by our rainforest work, we wanted to do more here at Melbec HQ, so the first thing we did was to switch to 100% renewable energy, which comes from the turbines that are situated on the windy hills of Lancashire, just a few miles from our building.

Also, since our collection drivers travel hundreds of miles every week, we wanted to help reduce the amount of carbon this emitted as well, so we have switched all our collection vehicles to 100% electric, all powered by Melbec renewable energy!

In addition to supporting the rainforest we also have a lot of involvement in animal charities. For example, one year we sponsored an endangered animal for all our customers. We also regularly give to our local animal rescue centre.

During Covid-19 we were very lucky that we were still busy, and we even recruited more team members! Unfortunately, some people weren’t as lucky as us, and our local food bank was busier than ever. We made the decision that since we were in the lucky position of being able to help, we would. We went down to our local Tesco store and over the course of a few weeks bought and donated more than 20 trolleys’ full of shopping! In addition to this, we also donated money so they could continue to buy the essentials.

Melbec will continue to support charitable enterprises for as long as possible and each year our aim is to donate and help more than the year before. We are only able to do this because of our amazing customers, so from everyone at Melbec, and the charities we support – thank you!

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