Candida auris

What is Candida auris?

Candida auris is a multidrug-resistant yeast. This means that it is resistant to many antifungal antibiotics that are commonly used to treat Candida infections. Some strains are resistant to all 3 (currently available) classes of antifungals.

Where is it found?

Candida auris can be spread by person-to-person contact or through contact with contaminated surfaces. The most common place for it to spread, is in healthcare and long-term care facilities such as hospitals and care homes.

Who is a risk?

Candida auris is known to cause severe illness in people with weakened immune systems and typically affects people that already have a serious medical condition or are immunocompromised.


To prevent the spread of Candida auris, disinfectant products and wipes should be used to clean down surfaces regularly.

If you are interested in finding out if your disinfectant product or wipes are effective against Candida auris, get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you with your product claims.

Relevant testing

EN 13624 – Suspension test

UV testing

EN 16615 – Wipes testing

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