Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2022

It’s that time of year again where we have got the results back from our Customer Satisfaction Survey!

We have been releasing the results to the questions we asked, one by one on social media over the past couple of weeks, but here are all of the results in one place for you to look at!


Q1: How well do you feel that our company understands your needs?

We are immensely proud that not one of the 71 clients who responded felt that we don’t understand their needs!


Q2: Rate us on the following aspects of our service: Time to Result, Test Report, Technical Support and Industry Knowledge and Expertise.


Q3: Compared to other service providers, do our services & prices provide value for money?


Q4: Would you recommend our company to other people in your industry?

Words cannot express how pleased we are to know that, of all our customers that filled in our survey, 100% of them would recommend us!


We would just like to reiterate how grateful we are to our clients for their continued support and business and for taking the time to fill in our customer satisfaction survey! Thank You!

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