Our New Solar Panels have been installed!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have finally managed to get solar panels installed on the roof of our labs in Rossendale, Lancashire.

Although we already used 100% renewable energy for both our labs and offices, we weren’t generating any renewable energy ourselves. By installing solar panels across the roof of our building in Rossendale, we were hoping to reduce our carbon footprint a little more.

Now that the Solar panels have been up for a couple of weeks, we can see that we are generating enough energy to cover over half of our energy usage per day. The next steps for us will be to look at reducing our energy usage further within our labs and offices so that the energy we are generating goes even further to cover our usage.









Here at Melbec Microbiology we are always trying to do our bit to help the planet so getting the solar panels up and running means a lot to many within the business. To learn more about our charity and environmental support efforts, click here.

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