Vegan Society certified and UKAS accredited QC and Challenge Microbiology Testing

Did you know that we were the first laboratory to be UKAS accredited and Vegan Society certified for both our QC / Batch release testing (ISO 21149 / ISO 16212) and our PET / Challenge testing (ISO 11930)?

At Melbec, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients Vegan cosmetics testing solutions, by being able to perform both Preservative Efficacy Testing and Batch Release/Quality Control testing using Vegan alternative culture media.

We have validated all our media alternatives to ensure that it performs comparably to traditional media, alongside meeting the UKAS requirements of ISO 17025.

We can offer UKAS accredited testing for clients using Vegan-alternative culture media for a similar price to our standard suite of testing, meaning it is easier than ever to make the switch!

We are proud of all the milestones we have achieved in the nine years we have been running, however obtaining UKAS accreditation and Vegan Society certification for our vegan cosmetics testing is one that we are most proud of. The Directors of Melbec are vegan and vegetarian, as are many of our staff, so this achievement was one that meant a lot to many within the business.

Dawn Mellors, Technical Director of Melbec Microbiology said: ‘having been a vegetarian for more than thirty years and then switching to a vegan diet about 4 years ago, being able to bring this ethos into the testing we carry out daily at Melbec has been personally very important to me. Any small changes that we can make to use alternatives to animal product, we will always implement.’

A recent article published by Vantage Market Research reported that the vegan cosmetics market is predicted to reach 21.5 billion US dollars by 2028. Overall, this sector is predicted to grow 6.1% per year during 2022-2028.

If you are interested in learning more about our Vegan cosmetics testing, please give the office a call on 01706 214492 or email us on and one of our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to help!

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